Winter Season 3 Is Coming


Winter Season 3 Is Coming


NEW EPISODE TIME! This one features Danielle Radford and Dwayne Cullen.

Convinced that this is what my resume looks like to prospective employers.

Convinced that this is what my resume looks like to prospective employers.


New episode alert! Finally! This one features the lovely and super funny Evangeline Spracklin and is about Rob freaking out about maybe having an STD. What’s not to love?

Best Films Of 2013: The Definitive, Important List Of Importance

10. “Nelson’s Lament” - Dir. Spencer Lough

In the landscape of new American cinema Lough is a relative newcomer but his assured, lyrical take on the “young handsome dude from a small midwestern town who doesn’t say much and falls in love with somebody and that’s a 2 and a half hour long movie somehow” is nothing short of miraculous. In particular the scene in which he held long static shots on various parts of a field, which seemed to have some deeper symbolic meaning that was lost on me, was hypnotic.

9. “Impossibly Long & Pretentious Title For a Documentary About A Subject That Literally Hundreds of Other People Have Made Documentaries About Before” - Dir. Nancy Clusky

The brazen jump cut heavy editing style, which I instinctually hated because it was too jarring but later realized was “daring” because other critics said so, was poetic and brave because it was about a subject that other people seem to care about a lot. 

8. “Black Clouds” - Dir. Alfid Dybahl.

The contemporary film scene in Norway is at it’s peak right now, I think…maybe, and this film is no exception. Dybahl’s magical execution of this relatively straightforward story of a small boy searching for his stolen bike on the streets of Egersund is full of wonder and not at all a complete boring waste of time. It’s just a simple story and sometimes a good piece of cinema should force you to check your watch at least 6 times during a screening of it.

7. “Big Hollywood Movie That I’m Only Putting On This List to Not Seem Like A Pretentious Fuddy Duddy Who Doesn’t Have a Fun Side” - Dir. Michael Bay

It’s good for what it is! Hollywood tropes! Fun!

6. “Throwing Plates” - Dir. Sam Mendes

I’m particularly fond of the scene in which plates are thrown. Profoundly beautiful.

5. “Spring Breakers” - Dir. Harmony Korine

No joke this is just a good movie.

4. “Some Weird Foreign Drama That Won’t Be Out in America For A Long Time” - Dir. Made Up Foreign Dude

I’ve seen this already because I am a professional movie watcher and therefore better than you. I won’t bother explaining why this is a good movie film because by the time you, the common man, even have the ability to watch it you will forget everything I say about it. Pay particular attention to the scene where the horse is a metaphor for a thing that isn’t a horse, duh, you idiot.

3. “Mediocre Movie Nobody Else Liked That Much But Guess The Fuck What? I’m Quirky So I’m Putting It On Here To Get Special Attention” - Dir. LOL McFuckface.

I’m hoping this isn’t on anybody other critic’s year end list because that would defeat the purpose of this.

2. “Checkers - Dir. Tiny Bearded Hipster Man

Holy fuck, this movie is black and white! In the year 2013! That’s fucking special!

1. “Poetic Documentary About Food” - Dir. Christof Nederhood.

On paper this is nothing more than a glorified Food Network segment drawn out for 2 hours but I was hungry when I watched it and it’s subtitled/better so here we are.

Best of the #EveryHashtagEver game!



Moments ago, I decided to play a little game with @EveryTweet_Ever: #EveryHashtagEver. We’ve all seen them, but it was time to go full-meta on the biggest offenders the Internet had to offer.

Winners won fleeting, temporary fame via retweet, but because I received dozens great entries, I had to post the winners and other fantastic entries here. Please re-tumbl and enjoy!

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Benben AND Benden? Together at last?!

Benben AND Benden? Together at last?!


At long last the conclusion to the two-part season 2 premiere is up.